Is it dismissive of the horrors of the Holocaust for PETA to compare it to factory farming?



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    Absolutely.  While we know that what animals are put through in factory farming is pretty seriously unpleasant, the fact is, compared to the living, breathing horror show that the holocaust was, it’s nothing.  Did you know that when the American soldiers came to concentration camps to free the prisoners there, so many people were so starved that their joy on seeing the soldiers led them to have heart attacks and die instantly? 

    Here’s a quote from the article I link to in the first citation:

    Roberta Kalechofsky wrote: “While I sympathize with PETA’s aim—and am a member of PETA—I objected to this use of the Holocaust… The agony of animals arises from different causes from those of the Holocaust. Human beings do not hate animals. They do not eat them because they hate them. They do not experiment on them because they hate them, they do not hunt them because they hate them. These were the motives for the Holocaust. Human beings have no ideological or theological conflict with animals.”

    If you want to learn more about how dissimilar the two concepts are, check out the second article, but I must warn you: as soon as you click, you will see dead, starving bodies piled on top of each other.  The Holocaust is a terrible, terrible thing, and shame on PETA for using it to advance a cause that not every Holocaust victim or family member can get behind.

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