Is it dangerous to use a metal spatula on Teflon if it scratches it?



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    It is inconclusive whether scratched teflon is hazardous to health, however, you might want to avoid using a metal spatula on teflon for other reasons.  Once you scratch a telfon pan, the food tends to get stuck in the cracks causing it to burn and stick and making cleaning very difficult.

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    Using metal on Teflon is not ideal; it ruins the pans and small bits of Teflon could end up in your food. Although this is not life threatening, if a Teflon pan is heated to past 260 degrees Celsius, a carcinogenic chemical called per-fluoro-octanoic acid (PFOA) is released. This will usually not happen while cooking (that temperature is too high for most food) but it is easily reached if a Teflon pan is forgotten about on an active stove.

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