Is it dangerous to use cast iron cookware before you season it?



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    Only to the degree that rust has formed on the surface. Seasoning a cast iron pan serves three primary functions: 1) to create a non-stick cooking surface; 2) to prevent rust from forming on the pan and 3) to prevent the food from taking on a metallic flavor.  In fact the only way to properly season a pan, is to use it, and it will takes months, if not years to fully season a pan. This is why many cooks are so protective of their cast iron pan! On the link below you will find some instructions for seasoning your cast iron.

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    It’s usually not TERRIBLY dangerous, but it can have some bad effects.  Sometimes there’s particles from the factory still on the cookware that would remain if you don’t season it beforehand.  It can also lower the “life expectancy” of the cookware.  It’s easy enough to season it, so go ahead and do it.

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