Is it dangerous to touch mercury?



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    Good question, Lesly.  There is nothing inherently dangerous with simply touching mercury.  The reason you may have heard that it is dangerous is because if it gets into an open wound and then into your bloodstream, it can be very dangerous.  Because of the possibility for complications, it is probably best to stay away from mercury.

    Hope this helps!

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    Mercury can he toxic if inhaled or through exposure to your skin. Human skin is permeable, so you do not need an open wound for it to get it, it could get into your blood stream simply from touching it. Do not touch mercury with your bare hands.

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    Yes. This is why you are not supposed to clean up a broken CFL bulb with your bare hands.  Ventilate the room and use gloves to pick up the shards. Put all the waste in a sealed bag. For the rest of the steps, check out the link below.

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