Is it dangerous to live in a shipping container house?



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    If the shipping container has been professionally modified into a home (should probably cost between $3000 and $1200 according to one report), there should be no danger involved. Ultimately shipping containers are more structurally sound than mobile homes, and, if they haven’t been used to transport hazardous materials there should be no risk at all.  Check out a few of the links below to learn more about shipping container homes.

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    Potentially yes !

    You need to remember that a real “container home” only uses the steel framework of the container as a skeleton around which the house is acutally built and so the container itself makes up only a tiny % of the total project both in terms of materials and cost. 

    However what mostly passes for “container homes” on most “blogs” and green groups is the notion that you can just take a container or two stack them up – cut some doors and windows and your done and this approach is very dangerours

    Building a container house is not that easy or fast or cheap to do.

    Perhaps the two most dangerous myths out there are the idea that:

    1, You can stack containers on top of each other in a catenlevered style –

    2, That you can bury containers underground

    Both are incredibly dangerous

    More here Container Homes





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