Is it dangerous to fill a propane tank?



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    Refilling a propane tank can be dangerous.  But, there are a few steps you can use to ensure safety if you want to refill the tank yourself.  1. Look for any damage, such as rust or dents, on the tank.  2. Locate the experiation date, typically found at the top of the tank.  If the tank is experied, you need to call a propane dealer.  3. The tank needs to be weighted so overfilling doesn’t occure.  4. Set the scale to the disered fill.  5. Begin filling.  6. Located on the neck of the fitting is a bleeder vavle that should be opened a half turn.  7. Once the desired weight is achieved close bleeder valve.  Check for an leaks and recheck for any damage.  At all times wear rubber gloves.

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