Is it dangerous to eat brownie batter when there is a raw egg in there?



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    Not usually, but it potentially can be. Raw eggs sometimes carry salmonella, which, when ingested in the human body, can cause diarrhea and/or vomiting. It’s hard to tell how many eggs carry salmonella, but scientists have estimated about 3% of eggs do.

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    It can be, it is usually best not to eat anything with raw egg in it as you cannot possibly know if the egg in question carries salmonella. 

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    I agree with everyone above. It may be harmless, but also may contain salmonella.

    A british survery found that 25% of caged hen populations tested positive salmonella, while only 6.5% of the free range flock and an even lower 5% in organic glocks. Salmonella contamination was shwon to be directly proportional to flock size.

    Rules of thumb, wash the eggs and store the eggs in the interior of the fridge, to prevent varying temperatures.

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