Is it dangerous to do farming under electric transmission lines?

In my country, there land is empty under the electric lines runs. The national electric company even pays large amount of money to grass cutters to keep away the grass growing. If I approach the national relectric company to do farming will they allow me to plant vegetables or flower plants which can bring revenue from the export? Is there any serious accidents has happened any where in the world because of doing business under transmission lines?



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    Yes it is dangerous for the obvious reason that you could get electrocuted if you touched them with something. Besides that there are possible health concerns with exposure to Electro-Magnetic Frequencies generated by powerlines. All the studies I found on the effects on humans are so far inconclusive. There is a Canadian study specificically on the effects on crops, livestock and bees but it is in French. here is the list of refernces: <; here’s an article on their effects on cows and there are many more asking questions about their effects on honey bees: <;

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