Is it dangerous and bad for occupational health if a petrol station is built surrounded by houses?

The is a petrol station( petronas) is in operation in Bangsar ( Kuala Lumpur- Malaysia). The petrol station is surrounded by houses. The houses are co close to the Petrol Station. What are the short and long term side effects?



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    Unfortunately, there are many negative health effects.  Breathing in things like petroleum is bad for the lungs.  Can increase asthma rates, and even increase risk of cancer. You also have to worry about leaks or spills.  The contamination of groundwater, and a slew of other effects.  Just look at Louisiana.  there are so many petrol stations lining the mississippi river that cancer risks are through the roof and it has become known as “cancer alley”.   Below are some links for you to look at. 

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    Yes, it can be.  Short term risks include increased risks of explosion if electrical waves come in contact with the station, such as a cellphone or other household appliances.  As for long term side effects, studies have shown that living near gas stations can increase the risk of children developing leukemia by 400%.  This is possibe if the child grows up next to the station, or if the mother has worked at the station for a long time and then gives birth to a child.  Experts think that the leukemia is specifically caused by toxic benzene found in petroleum. 

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