Is it costlier to one’s personal budget to act in an environmentally responsible way?



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    This is a difficult question to address, due to the many factors involved in determining a green lifestyle. The bottom line is that it might seem more affordable to be not-so-environmentally safe in practice; but keeping in mind that whatever companies that can afford to offer you lower prices may be cutting more corners and being more unsafe, which could come around and impact things like state budgets for initiatives to protect the environment, resulting in higher taxes. Conversely, there are some luxuries that you might be able to go without that are green and help you save money, such as turning down the thermostat and wearing a sweater, or turning off the lights whenever you’re not in a room. Whatever your choice may be, it would be good to consider that being responsible now reduces impact later, and overall a healthier world is a gain worth having. That’s just my two cents!

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