Is it cheaper to shop at farmers markets?



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    Generally farmer’s market prices are on the lower than grocery stores because the price of the producet does not have the added costs of the middleman (i.e. Vons, Ralphs, Albertsons, etc) and the costs associated with having to ship the product there.  The added benefits to shopping in a farmer’s market is the support and stimulation of your community’s economy and supporting locally grown foods.

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    For produce, the farmer’s market can be less expensive. This is especially true if you go at the end of the market because people will be trying to make deals to move the end of their supply. With local breads, or cheeses, or honey, or other local artisan products, however they are generally more expensive. This is because there is a cost curve when creating a product where it is most expensive when there is not a huge production system involved. Products in the grocery store can be cheaper because they are being made in mass and their input cost is lower. These artisan products do have the benefit of being hand made and their quality is all but assured.

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