Is it cheaper to raise chickens and collect eggs yourself or just buy the eggs from the store?



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    Baby chicks are about four dollars a piece from mail order catalogs. Chick housing is basically a cardboard box with hamster shavings, a heat lamp, and a water and food dish. The cost for these things is quite negligable (about $15). Starter feed is about $5 for 7lbs. Once chicks are old enough they can be moved to a backyard chicken encolsure and fed things like cracked corn and vegetable forage. John Seymour’s book about self-sufficency has a great concept for a cheap chicken coop. It is basically just some bent branches, chicken wire and old fertilizer bags. Once your set-up is established each chicken can produce a few eggs a day depending on age and breed. You may look into the hazel tree farm site below. It gives very specific price comparisons.

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    After an initial investment, which will likely run you around $250 depending on where and how many chickens you buy, it is probably cheaper to own and collect eggs rather than buy them from a store.

    At upwards of $3.99 for a dozen eggs (organic/cage free), buying them weekly could get expensive pretty quickly.  

    If you’re willing to put in the upfront costs of buying the chicks, their feed, and a coop you could be looking at something more like $1.50 for a dozen eggs and that’s including the cost of additional chicks and their feed.  

    Plus, by raising your own chickens you can control what they eat, how they’re raised, and if you enjoy eating their meat, how they’re killed as well.  When purchasing from a store you have significantly less control over all of these factors.   

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