Is it cheaper to buy the digital copy of a book?



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    The answer to this depends on where/how you are reading the digital copies of books. If you’re purchasing an e-reader such as Amazon’s Kindle, you have to pay a decent amount for the reader, and additional money for each e-book you download. The Kindle is $249, and the books for the Kindle can cost between nothing and $10, the most expensive books I saw on Amazon’s website for the Kindle was $9.99. There is also a Sony Reader ranging from $199 to $399. Some websites that sell books for the Sony Reader cost up to $15, which is nearing the price of a paperback or hardcover book. I would say that if you read a lot of books, then maybe the Kindle or something like it is worth it. Also, if you’re tight on space and can’t keep many books lying around, then investing in an e-reader may be worth it. If you take the price of the Kindle and add 2 books at $7 a piece, then you’re getting your money’s worth if you purchase at least 17 e-books. They may be more inexpensive, but worth is also defined by your personal preference and accessibility. 

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    Usually.  Digital books cost about $10, whereas an actual book will usually cost more.  However, you have to bear in mind that you need a certain piece of equipment to read a digital book.  That means either an e-reader, which costs a couple of hundred dollars, or a computer, which can run you about a thousand.  It probably evens out, but ultimately, e-books are cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

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    Personally, I have found many used paperbacks are cheaper than ebooks.  I can typically buy books that I want used for $3 or $4, whereas a lot of ebooks I am interested in buying are still new enough to be $7 or $8.  

    Websites like bookmooch can also be an affordable way to get cheap hard copies of books; essentially, you just pay for shipping the books that you are trading out.

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