Is it a big deal if China bans eating cats and dogs if they are still eating a lot of endangered or threatened species?



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    Interesting question Jaxson. Cultures all over the world have developed different diets–with tendencies to eat some animals and avoid others. In the United States, “farm animals” are considered cows and pigs, chickens and sheep (among others) and cats and dogs are considered companions– or rather, pets. In China, however, these distinctions are not as clearly defined and so many Americans find it morally apprehensible that they eat a dog because its like a pet–whereas that is really just a matter of perspective. The Chinese are well known for incorporating what might be considered exotic animals or animal parts into both their diet and medicine. Many of these animals also happen to be quite endagered, such as the Bengal Tiger.  From the perspective of wanting to maintain biological diversity and healthy populations of the species that still exist on this planet, consuming endagered species is more problematic than eating cats and dogs which are quite prolific.

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