Is it better to use foil or plastic wrap?



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    If you’re talking in terms of which is better for the environment, then it actually depends on a couple of things. Taking into consideration “fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, human health impacts, aquatic toxicity and potential for eutrophication (a kind of water pollution, caused by excessive nutrients, that can lead to fish-killing algal blooms),” the production of foil is much worse for the environment. 

    However, you can wash and reuse foil, which cancels out some of the effects of production the more you reuse it. Also, aluminum foil can be recycled, and there are some companies that use recycled material to produce foil. If You Care and Reynolds are two companies, according to the Washington Post, that actually use only recycled material to produce their foil.

    So overall, if you recycle and use recycled foil, then it would be better to use foil. Otherwise, use plastic wrap.

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