Is it better to use an electric shaver or a traditional razor?

I’m thinking on the one hand, an electric shaver saves a tremendous amount of water, but on the other hand, it consumes a lot more electricity. Any thoughts?



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    I’ve found a site where a guy asks the same question. He comes to no conclusion, but to me the evidence is pretty conclusive: electric is greener because of the immense amount of water it saves. Of course, it depends on the energy efficiency of the perticular model, vs. how often you would change a disposable blade, vs. how much water you would personally use, etc. Bottom of the line, a beard is greenest, followed by a straight edge, but of course these are problematic for many people.

    And if an electric shaver is truly the greener, then here’s the greenest: Sol is making a solar-powered electric shaver! What a great idea for a guy that finds himself in need of a shave, but has no water and no electricity source!

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    There is an option for those that don’t like electric shavers. Preserve Products makes a disposable razor out of 100% recycled #5 plastic. You can even send them back to re-recycle when you are done. “Preserve products are powered by you and your recycling efforts. Through Preserve’s Gimme 5 program, you can recycle your #5 plastics—a kind of plastic that many towns and cities won’t recycle. Preserve transforms yogurt cups into toothbrushes and take-out containers into cutting boards—and a lot of other great looking, high performance products for your bathroom, table, and kitchen.”

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