Is it better to upcycle or recycle?



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    Upcycling is better for the environment because it puts materials back into the supply chain, which reduces waste and reduces the need to harvest new materials.  Recycling on the other hand, often degrades an object.  For example, a plastic bottle when recycled usually cannot be reused as a bottle and will often be melted down to be used in another product.  While this will extend the lifespan of the plastic, it will still eventually end up in a landfill.

    When you upcycle, the product is not being degraded, so it can be used over and over again as needed.  

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    Upcycing is better because it means that the object you are recycling can be remade into a product of equal or greater value. Aluminum is a material that can be remade into objects like cans over and over. Polymer chains of plastics break down over time, however, so virgin resin has to be added to plastic in each product cycle it goes through. Another example of upcycling is taking an item originally destined for the trash or downcycling and creating something new out of it. There are many artists out there who take trash items and make really beautiful art out of it, which is a great example of upcycling. 

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    Upcycing is better for the environment because it reuses old products to make into new ones. Upcycing is more sustainable for the environment, because you are reusing oil products without having them being thrown away. When your recycing you are just having all the materials decompose into the environment.

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