Is it better to save water or to save energy?



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    Saving save 50% of your garden water
    the easy way, uses no energy.
    Many people are unaware of a product that’s been around for many years. Water Gel Crystal.
    Once hydrated they retain water and nutriments  like a sponge, the roots of the plant penetrates the crystals and the receive their water as required.
    This procedure slows the water loss by evaporation
    and percolation into the subsurface were the roots don’t go plus the additional labor to maintain.
    It cuts water usage by 50%. your lawns and garden are one of the biggest usage of water.
    So this helps save the environment  and you money.
    While giving you healthier and hardier plants.
    Be cautious of low cost imports as they may contain lead and their life is much shorter. US made 5 to 10 years, imports 1 to 3 years.
    Please check for more information.

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    I would say water, since we only have a certain amount of it. We absolutely need water to survive; energy is not as important since our bodies don’t physically need it to function. 

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