Is it better to run barefoot and not in running shoes?



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    There is much argument about this in the running world. On the one hand, running shoes do provide support for people with foot, knee, hip and back issues and “correct” your running style. In the world of running on concrete a decent pair of running shoes can do much to prevent injury in amateur runners. On the other hand, some experts say that running barefoot, or near barefoot, increases leg and ankle strength, is better for joints, and is a more natural motion. It allows the let to absorb impact the way it was intended. If you are an experienced runner and already have strong legs I would recommend trying running barefoot or with many of the new products that allow you to run near barefoot while protecting your feet from glass and nails and such. It is really a matter of personal anatomy and preference. If you like it, and it feels right, pursue it. But don’t injure yourself trying.

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    The idea comes through barefoot running, the thinking is that people evolved over millennia in order to walk and run as well as we did this with no benefits for shoes as well as vibram five fingers running trainers. Our legs happen to be designed to absorb each stride having a spring like action, each running stride that people take naturally puts us on our forefoot and this enables the shock to be absorbed to the leg. This means that we’re very much capable associated with taking the abrasion about the soles of our feet and we now have the skeletal make up that will allow us to eliminate overly supportive shoes as well as running shoes.

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