Is it better to live in Texas or California right now?



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    It really depends on the person.  Some will definitely prefer California and other will say it Texas is a better place to live right now.  There are pros and cons to living in both states.  Living in Texas can be cheap with house prices much cheaper than in California and raising a family is more affordable as well.  The overall economy of Texas seems to be in a better shape than the debt-burdened California economy.  However, many prefer the climate and lifestyle of California.  The weather in California is one of the best in the world as well as you can have beaches, mountains, and lakes all within a couple of hours drive from any of the major cities.  California also has some of the best universities in America as well as abundant job opportunities for many of the cutting-edge industries like tech and biotech.

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    Without a doubt, California. Although the state has a joke for a government, the natural beauty and resources are unparalleled. While the Texas government is more efficiently run, it is hard to compare Texas, as a whole, to the Golden State. 

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    Why do you ask? Are you thinking about moving to one of these states? I don’t know much about either, but California definitely has a more progressive environmental policy, as a whole. Texas, while I’m sure a great state, is not very concerned with protecting our natural environment. (Big generalization, I know.)

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    It is hard for anyone to answer, it is very subjective and depends on ones needs and desires. Both states offer diverse cities, although California offers far more diverse environments.  They have different cultures, histories, politics, and entertainment, so it can be very subjective.  In terms of the environment, California has been doing more to promote and create green industry jobs.

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