Is it better to lightly water your lawn more frequently, or water heavily but less-often?



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    Lightly watering your lawn at a greater frequency or “shallow watering creates shallow roots that dry quickly and require even more frequent watering: a vicious cycle.” And watering your lawn heavily, even though done less often, can lead to puddle water or run-off which can end up doing more damage to your lawn than good. They key here is balance. “It is best to water when the temperature is low, to avoid evaporation, and when there are no strong winds, to avoid wind drift (this usually occurs about dawn). It is also important to water deeply (to a depth of about 6 inches).”

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    A lawn should be watered for a short amount of time, a few days a week. Alternating days and watering a lawn on a cycle will help produce a healthy green lawn.

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