Is it better to have an ice machine in your house than to make ice cubes in your freezer?



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    It is better to have ice cubes in your freezer.  Having an ice machine is just one more machine that uses electricity.  Ice cubes in trays already uses the energy being consumed by the freezer to stay at such a low temperature.  The ice machine also takes energy and materials to build and is another expense.  Unless you need vast quantities of ice, it is much better to just have ice cubes in your freezer.  

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    An ice machine would use energy, whereas making ice cubes in the freezer does not utilize any extra energy.  There is also an alternative for ice cubes that is considered environmentally friendly, called Nordic Rock Cubes, which are small reusable rock cubes that can chill your drink.

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    It takes more energy for an ice maker to produce ice all the time than it does to refill ice trays.  While it may take more time for you to do it yourself, it may cut back on your energy bill if you use ice a lot. 

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