Is it better for the environment to use kleenex or toilet paper to blow your nose?



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    The Kleenex brand has a shady past.  The CEO, Kimberly Clark, has been under great scrutiny for using virgin forests to create their products.  Many other products use sustainable tree farms as opposed to destroying forests that have taken hundreds of years to create their complicated ecosystem.  Kimberly Clark has vowed to discontinue these practices and begin to use the sustainable method, but personally I prefer to use other products that give me a clean conscience.  I prefer Seventh Generation recycled toilet paper and tissues.  Both are usually at least 95% post consumer recycled material and you can feel good blowing your nose with either one!  I hope this helps.

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    An even better idea would be to use a handkerchief. You can have one for every day, and then just wash them all at the end of the week, since if they are kept clean you will be more likely to use them. However, if you’re sick it’s recommend you use disposable tissues.

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    It would depend on how much toilet paper you use to blow your nose, and of course, what kind of tissues you buy.  If you have facial tissues that are scented, lotioned and 3-ply you might be better off using the toilet paper.  If you use a lot of toilet paper compared to the amount of kleenex that you would use, then it is probably better to use the kleenex.

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