Is it better to conserve water or conserve electricity?



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    It is better to conserve electricity because using electricity (in most cases) requires producing a huge carbon footprint as the electricity is produced by greenhouse gas emitting power plants. Saving water is good (water should definitely not be wasted) but water is a renewable resource and using it doesn’t entail very much in the way of carbon emissions (in most cases).

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    Water and electricity should be conserved equally. Conserving electricity is better for the earth in terms of greenhouse gas emissions and preserving our environment.

    Water won’t be around forever, we don’t have an endless amount of water, that’s why you shouldn’t take it for granted and take a 30 minute shower.

    Also, depending on where you live you might have to conserve it more than other places in the world. In some third world countries it is a lot harder to obtain than here in the US. Also, in Texas near Austin and San Antonio they have been in a drought for 2 years, the worst they have ever seen! So conserving water in that area is a must! It is so bad that at a lake near Austin (Lake Travis), you can walk on the bottom of the lake bend, and residents here can only water their lawns on specific days of the week!

    So all in all it is best to conserve both.

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