Is it better to capture and put to use all the rainwater that falls on your property, or to divert it away?



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    It is important to support natural seepage of water into the top soil and subsurface, however some water will naturally flow away from your property and supports ecosystems downstream. Therefore, you want to capture water from impervious surfaces and naturally allow water to percolate into the soil . This natural seepage is often prevented by imperious surfaces such as paved roads/driveways and conventional roofs and therefore the water will runoff to fast causing erosion and destruction of habitat downstream. Therefore, either you can make your driveway previous, and build a green roof OR you can capture runoff from your roof and paved surfaces then use it on site throughout the year. This will have benefits such as preventing soil erosion, destruction of habitat in water systems, and allows you to save money on your water bill.

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    It would be impossible to catch all of the rain, unless you live on a concrete pad, so saving as much as you can in water barrels (and the like) will allow you water your lawn or garden when it is dry. 

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