Is it better to build a new science building or renovate?



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    According to Patrice Frey, the director of sustainability research for the National Trust for Historic Preservation in New Orleans believes that the “greenest building is the one that’s already built” because experts estimate that the impact of erecting a brand new building (of roughly 50,000 square feet) releases the same amount of carbon into the environment as driving a car approximately 3 million miles would release. 

    Many would argue that newer buildings could offset this release with all of their new-fangled environmentally friendly gadgets but green experts would still argue that a building that is already in place is better than even the greenest new building.  Furthermore, any of those green appliances or functions can always be added to an older building.

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    It would probably take much less time and resources to renovate an existing building than to build a new one. Bonus points would also be added if you are making “green” renovations to your building. For example, installing energy efficient appliances and windows will save you energy as well as help the environment. Some older buildings usually have to be renovated as time goes on, mainly for safety and structural reasons. 

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