Is it bad for you to swim in a pool while it has algae in it?



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    While algae growth may be the bane of pool owners’ existence, algae is not bad for you. In fact, algae is an ingredient in some health supplements.

    The real danger in algae-filled pools lies in the bacteria that feed on algae byproducts. You can prevent algae by cleaning your pool regularly and allowing water to circulate.

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         Algae itself is not bad for you, but its presence aids the growth of bacteria, which can be harmful. Slippery algae can create a safety hazard on pool steps, leading to accidents. Algae growth is an indication that the pool is not sufficiently chlorinated.

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    Algae isn’t bad for you to swim in…it’s often in the lakes and rivers we swim in too. However, it usually means that bacteria is present, and so you’ll want to not ingest the water, and then once you’re done swimming, you should wash in clean water.

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