Is it bad for you to drink spoiled milk?



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    Milk still may be okay to drink past the printed expiration date, but better be safe than sorry if you notice it is spoiled. One whiff or taste will let you know that the product is off and has gone bad. Drinking milk like this can cause severe food poisoning, noted by cramps, vomiting, fever, or nausea. These effects can potentially last for days.


    When in doubt, throw it out!

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    It is most definitely not recommended to drink spoiled milk. Once milk passes it’s expiration date, it begins to form psychrotrophic bacteria, which are diarrheal bacteria. Thus if you drink spoiled milk you are at risk for a bad case of diarrhea.  In addition, milk left sitting out for several hours develops other bacteria that can make you very seriously sick, and can even lead to death in infants, pregnant women, or the elderly.  It is in general not a wise idea to eat any expired or spoiled food or drink of any kind.  After milk is spoiled, it basically loses all of it’s nutritional value. If you’ve ever accidentally sipped spoiled milk, you also know that it tastes absolutely horrible!

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