Is it bad to throw away old shoes?



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    If you throw away your old shoes, that’s one more thing ending up in a landfill that doesn’t have to.  If they’re still usable, donate them to a homeless center; shoes are precious and hard to come by.  But if not, try to recycle them (for info on how, see my link).  The rubber and other materials can be put to good use. 

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    Yes – it just adds to our land fills!  The best thing is to donate them if they are in good condition.  If they are not still viable as shoes, then recycle them.

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    It’s not bad, but it’s not the most environmentally-friendly choice. In addition to the recommendations of donation or recycling,  if your shoes are in good condition, I would recommend the website Odd Shoe Finder (link below). It’s a site where one can sell or search for a single shoe based on size, aimed at helping those who for whatever reason (polio, diabetes, genetics) have different sized feet. The site, started by a gentleman whose sister (due to diabetes) has different sized feet, has helped save over 11,000 shoes from landfills.

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    I think that the shoe finder website is a great idea. Recycling is also a fantastic option. The last option should be to send the old shoes to the landfill, but if you have to, you have to. Try goodwill, they accept a lot of different types of goods. Goodwill might also be able to use them for different uses.

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