Is it a bad thing that everyone has caller ID on their phones?



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    no real environmental impact. It means that prank calls are a lot harder and you can’t really surprise someone with a phone call…any environmental aspect to this question?

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    I think it is a good thing for many reasons.

    Caller ID enables you to save money by avoiding unwanted calls and to see who’s calling to determine if it’s an urgent call or not. With caller ID, you can see who is on the line before answering the call. The screen will usually show a name or phone number, or both. It might also show that the caller cannot be identified in which cases it could be a private number or a telemarketer. If you see that it’s a number you don’t recognize you can refuse to answer and let them leave a message on your voicemail if it’s something important.

    you can always block your number by dialing *67 before the number you are trying to call too.

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