Is it bad to take flowers from other states and bring them back to your house?



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    It depends on what sort of flower it is and where you find it.  You shouldn’t pick flowers that grow in a or a State or National wildlife park, since these are protected, (nor should you pick flowers from people’s yards!).  Also, you should avoid picking certain rare flowers–orchids, Indian paintbrush, Franciscan paintbrush, Franciscan wallflower, coast rock cress, cobweb thistle among others–since many of these have sparse populations.  If, however, you can identify the flower, know that it isn’t rare, and find it in a non-protected area, then there’s nothing wrong with picking it.

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    If you plan on planting a non native plant in your area you should check to make sure it is not invasive. Invasive species can hurt your areas biodiversity and crowd out or kill native species. Browse around to find out which species are invasive,. For example, there are links on the website for invasive species to California and Florida.

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