Is it bad to reuse plastic silverware?



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    In general it is fine to reuse plastic silverware, as long as you wash it thoroughly. Like any plastic product designed to be disposable, utensils will evenutally start to break down a little bit though, so I wouldn’t recommend reusing them indefinitely. Obviously real utensils would be the best way to go, and there are also compostable utensils available if you don’t want to reuse and you’d like to be kind to the environment.

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    It depends how many times you plan on reusing the utensils. Plastic utensils are designed to be used only once, so washing them can only keep them clean or so long — washing the utensils may even begin to erode the fork, creating little pockets for bacteria to fester.

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    I would say it is bad to reuse plastic silverware. As stated above, bacteria can begin to grow on overused plastic silverware and these utensils were not designed to be used more than once. I would say it would be ok to use them twice but no more than that. You don’t want to run risks.

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    There is some plastic silverware specifically made to be reusable.  Preserve offers home products that are both stylish and eco -friendly. One hundred percent of their products are made from #5 plastic.

    Their plastic cutlery is inexpensive ($5.50) and made to last. Preserve’s website claims that the plastic utensils can even withstand countless cycles through the dishwasher!

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