Is it bad to leave the empty bullets behind when you go shooting?



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    Bullet cartriges and shotgun casings/wadding can be damaging to the enviroment in which you leave them. The amount deposited is the key to weather your leaving a footprint in your hunting grounds. Leaving a few shells around will not in itself be terribly destructive. If you and the other fifteen people who hunt those grounds leave a few rounds, it can accumulate. This has been best exemplified in shooting clubs and active millitary zones. The main issue is lead, Bullets can contaminate th soil and air. Plastic wadding from shotgun cartridges takes years to decompose. Look into eco-friendly options like PMC (Link Attached)

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    Yes, it can be harmful to the environment and to animals to leave behind bullet casings. Bullet casings are usually lead-based and thus, animals who ingest any part of the bullet casings can become ill or die.

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