Is It bad to keep a hummingbird as a pet?



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    I don’t think there is are clear laws against keeping hummingbirds as pets.  However, hummingbirds are not very amenable to domestication.  They can die in an hour if they do not have access to nectar.  They can also get stressed from being in an unnatural environment that doesn’t allow for foraging and territorial behavior.  In nature male Ruby Throated hummingbirds establish relatively enormous territories that they patrol constantly to secure a nectar source for a potential mate.  It seems unlikely that such a creature could successfully adapt to living in a confined space, alone, without the ability to forage.

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    I agree with the above answer and would also take into consideration the health of the hummingbird. If it is injured or sick and needs care, then you can take the proper steps to try and nurse it back to health with the full intention of releasing it back into its wild habitat when it is well. You can also contact your local wildlife resources for assistance if there is an issue of safety involved. There are also ways to keep an eye on birds and provide them with shelter and food without having them in full captivity in your home. You can put an open cardboard box on a balcony or landing and safely put the bird in it with food and water. This way, it is provided with its basic needs, is not removed from its habitat, and can fly off when its ready.

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    It is against the law to keep a hummingbird as a pet. There is a saying ” A wild bird never wants a cage” Why would you want to keep a hummingbird as a pet. It is so simple to hang a feeder. The hummingbird will come to sip the nectar at your feeder. You can enjoy watching it as if it were a pet. The hummingbird trusts us when we take good care of the feeder by filling it regualrly and keeping it very clean. Most hummingbird species will migrate but they return to the same feeder every year. I say open your heart “If you love it, let it go”  A hummingbird will die in captivity.Many have tried.They have many needs that can’t be satisfied in captivity. They live on the edge of survival and will die quickly without nectar. They need insects for protien and water to batha nd drink. They need to follow the instincts of a wild bird as well.That would include flying , perching, mating and migrating.

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