Is it a bad idea to help plants migrate in order to save species?



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    The problem with this idea is that you are moving and organism to a different ecosystem that is not adapted to it so we don’t know what effect it will have. The plant you are saving may end up so successful that it chokes out other plants and become an invasive species. Thus you saved one at the expense of another or others.

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    That is a difficult question. ¬†Obviously the best policy would be to let the ecosystems just be natural. ¬†However, humans are usually the ones who mess everything up….but then that leads to the question of: If we messed it up, should we take responsibility in restoring it by using artificial methods (such as planting foreign plants) or will that just ruin everything more?¬†

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    Regardless of whether or not it is on purpose, humans have a long history in the spreading of invasive species. It has been done on purpose for erosion control, ornamental appeals, food value, medicine, ect. However, invasive species spread a lot more easily when there is an open niche for them to inhabit in an ecosystem. For example, when humans alter the natural state of ecosystems such as fire suppression or flood suppression, we are altering processes which favor native plants thus allowing exotic species to fit into the empty niche left by us. My personal opinion is on this question topic is that helping plants migrate is a slippery slope and should only be a last resort. On a side note, one way to preserve dying species is to collect seeds and store them in a seed bank. This way the plant can be grown in a greenhouse preventing the extinction of that species.

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