Is it a bad idea to reuse glass bottles?



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    No, reusing glass bottles is not a bad idea (depending on its intended reuse). While many creative reuse strategies exist, the most simple and direct is to wash the bottles and reuse them again to hold beverages. This is no different than reusing a drinking glass time and time again after washing. And since glass has a high amount of embodied energy in its creation, reusing bottles can have a significant positive effect on the environment.

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    It’s actually a great and efficient idea. Reusing glass bottles instead of recycling them is more energy efficient and less time consuming. The only steps needed to make them safe for reuse is sterilization (much the same way you boil jars for canning). The only hurdles are that glass containers come in so many different shapes and sizes per manufacturer, it is difficult to sort out all the containers to ship them back to their owners.

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