Is it bad to have scar tissue in your body?



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    It’s not great, since it means there was an injury or damage that your body needed repaired. But, scar tissue can be worse some places more than others.

     If a woman has scar tissue in her fallopian tubes it can be impossible to conceive naturally, since the scar tissue prevents an egg from traveling from the ovaries to the uterus.

    Scar tissue can also form on injured muscles from sprains or tears. Scar tissue can prevent the muscle from maximum movement without pain, but physical therapy may help. 

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    Internal scar tissue can be benign or problematic depending on its location in the body. It creates a problem when it adheres to, for example, two organs not previously joined, thereby disrupting organ function. Massage therapy and surgery are two options for treating internal scar tissue. Additionally, vitamins E and C aid in healing scars.

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    Generally, scar tissue in any location in the body will result in a decreased functioning of that part of the body.  This is because the repair and rebuilding following the injury led to a different kind of tissue being used to repair than was originally present.  This new tissue is known as fibrous tissue, and is made by cells called fibroblasts.  

    If the scar tissue is in a joint, it will affect the mobility of the joint.  If the scar tissue is compressing a nerve, it will either create pain or restrict sensation along the nerve pathway.  If the scar tissue is on a vital organ, such as the heart, it can have more serious systemic effects as it decreases the ability of that organ to complete its designated important function.

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