Is it bad for the environment to let your grass grow out and not cut it?



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    Yes. Kind of. The government encourages frequent grass cutting because long grass encourages certain pests that will spread in the region and kill grass. Normally grazing animals will keep grass short, but in the city we are encouraged to cut our grass. And when there are too much of these pests, it won’t be good for the eco-system around it.

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    If you don’t want to cut your grass you might consider planting native species in your yard.  This is the practice of planting native species instead of non-native grasses.  

    The website below will provide more information and help you find plants that are native to your own area. 

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    I’ve noticed in my city that growing soft moss is becoming really popular, no mowing necessary!  Sales in some areas have gone up 30 to 40 percent in just 2008.  It’s beautiful, green, soft, and doesn’t need nearly as much water as you might think.  Some don’t have to water at all! 

    Also, mowing your lawn may be better for the environment, but it’s a shoe in if you use a push mower, the kind with just push-activated revolving blades and no mower.  Your neighbors will thank you for the quiet, and the environment will benefit from the lack of gas or electricity used.

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