Is it bad for the environment to have more than 1 kid?



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    Our planet is already over populated in relation to our available natural resources. Each person has a huge impact on the planet. The more people that are born, the worse it is for the environment. So technically, yes it is bad for the environment to have any number of kids, but obviously it isn’t realistic to ask people to not have children. 

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    Yes and no. Ordinarily it shouldn’t be, it takes two people to make a kid so everyone having two kids is a good easy way to make sure the population stays fairly consistent. The trouble is that in the last century our population has exploded, thanks in part to modern living and medical advancements making it much easier to survive than it used to be. Historically parents would have lots of children, because the odds were that many of them weren’t going to survive infancy and fewer still were going to make it to adulthood to have children of their own. Nowadays we don’t really need to do that, but some continue and so now we’re massively overpopulated. Thus, only having one kid helps to diminish that effect and chip away at our overpopulation.

    Ultimately though, is any one individual case going to make or break anything? Of course not. So if you have more than one kid or would like to, don’t feel too guilty about it.

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    It really depends. Population increases are not necessarily the issue. Environmental impact is more influenced by resource over consumption than population. For example, if the average American family had one more child it would be more detrimental than if this occurred in a less resource intensive nation. Frankly, this is because the average American family uses much more per person than other nations.

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