Is it bad to eat watermelon seeds?



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    Unless you suffer from a rare intestinal inflammation, swallowing watermelon seeds shouldn’t affect you.   Since the ultimate goal of seeds is to reproduce, they are designed by nature to be durable.  Thus, they’re difficult to digest and your body will absorb little of the seeds’ elements.   Most seeds, especially larger ones can pass through an animal untouched.   In fact this is one way seeds (and thus plants) get spread throughout the environment.  

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    Eating watermelon seeds is safe; think of animals who graze on watermelon and other seeded fruits-they pass the seeds just fine.  In Nigeria people put watermelon seeds in soup.  If you just swallow them, chances are large that they will just pass right through your system.  However, if you chew the seeds you are getting some nutritional value from them.  According to, eating an ounce of dried watermelon seeds will provide you with 3 grams of zinc and 2 grams of iron.

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