Is it bad to eat a lot of bacterial like yogurts and stuff like that?



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    No, the bacteria found in yogurt and other dairy products is very beneficial to humans.  There is good bacteria in our world and bad bacteria.  Some of it is essential to our way of life and helps us do things like digest food.  The bacteria in yogurt is one of these good bacteria, and you really can’t get enough.  If you are asking whether its dangerous to eat a lot of yogurt, up to a certain extent it’s fine, but like other dairy products you can get an overload of calcium and lactose which could cause some problems.  But unless you are eating a 12 pack of yougrt every day you should be fine.

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    The active cultures found in yogurt are beneficial to our digestive system and health. They prevent constipation, enhance immune functions, and protect the heart. Check out the link for more information. 

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