Is it bad to declaw your cat?



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    Declawing a cat might make it more convenient for keeping them indoors, but it really isn’t so good for the cat. Cats have nerves that extend into the claws, so cutting the claws back that far can be damaging and at least temporarily painful. It’s about the equivalent of chopping off the ends of your fingers down to the first knuckle. Declawing cats also deprives them of their natural defenses, which puts them at a big disadvantage if they ever accidentally get outside.

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    When you declaw a cat, you are taking away some very vital tools to assure that your furniture an other things in your home remain in good condition. You might also decalaw your critter to ensure the safety of a child. I would say if your kitten/cat is not mal-tempered, not to declaw him/her. They will not be able to defend themselves, or climb..which means they will not be able to do the things they naturally enjoy not to mention lack exercise.

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