Is it bad for the animal to cut off his horns?



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    It sounds like dehorning animals like cattle can actually cause pain and bleeding, especially if the animal is more than a year old. Methods of dehorning include searing stubs while calves are young to kill the horn-producing cells, scooping the horns out with a tool, and clipping the horns off. This page warns that spurting is a possibility, depending on the method used. In that sense, I would say it is bad to cut off an animal’s horns but cattlemen do it as a safety precaution since they keep so many of the animals.

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    Dehorning is also used as a method to stop poaching. Park rangers in Africa dehorn rhinos with the intention of removing the reason the rhinos are poached. In this respect, the rhinos are better off dehorned than with horns still on. However, there are still reported cases of dehorned rhinos being killed by poachers so they do not repeat the mistake of tracking dehorned rhinos instead of horned rhinos to poach. 

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