Is it bad for the air to burn plywood?



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    Yes, because you are taking carbon (which found in wood, or any organic compound for that matter— a category that wood definitely belongs in) — (taking carbon and releasing it) from a locked-up solid state (where it cannot harm us) to a different state (a gaseous state), which is mainly CO2 — whenever anything organic burns reactions occur which give off three things: heat, CO2, and water… so the problem is really just that burning plywood adds to the creation of more CO2 in the atmosphere — and that’s a problem because CO2 is a greenhouse gas. 

    And that’s just part of it: The glue in plywood can contain formaldehyde (another greenhouse gas and harmful toxin when breathed in) — check out the second link from the EPA for some more info on this —  I’m sure though, there is a way to make plywood in a green way (using only natural glues containing no harmful chemicals), but this is not your average (cheap) piece of plywood! Burning this type of plywood would probably be no worse than burning a regular piece of wood.

    The second link says there are only 6 greenhouse gases that are released in the US, but that is not true — there are something like 188 harmful chemical substances which are released — (I guess all of them are probably not that big of contributors to the greenhouse effect, but I’d be willing to venture a guess that there are many more than six!) — and that’s according to the EPA!

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