Is it acceptable to bring your own containers to restaurants and fast food joints instead of using their cardboard or styrofoam containers?



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    I would say yes. Not only does it save the environment but it also saves the restaurant various costs. The only time a restaurant may be inconvenienced is if you ordered your meal to go and they must wait until you arrive to package your meal. At this point, they may have already used other packaging materials which will then be thrown away when it comes to transferring them to your container. Especially in regards to fast food, everything is very ‘assembly line’ and oriented around speed-therefore I am not sure it will be as well received or even economical to bring your own container. 

    As for general restaurants, having worked in the industry, the customer is always right, and if you want your left overs in your tupperware rather than in a paper box, why not!

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    I think the only stipulation to this would be that you would have to box your food at the table, rather than have them box it up back in the kitchen as some restaurants do.  I think that would be a great idea for restaurants to incorporate into their dining experience. It would be nice if they gave you a % or fixed amount, even if it is small, off your bill to encourage this behavior as many grocery stores are currently doing to reward using your own bags.

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    I have worked in restaurants my whole life….well actually I just turned 16 like 4 years ago…so I have worked in restaurants for 4 years now, and I can tell you for a fact that YES you are aloud to bring your take out containers.  It is true restaurants actually like it!  Saves them money.  So be green sweetie! 

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