Isn’t all soil organic?



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    If you mean free of all pesticides and chemical additives, then no.  Naturally of course, the dirt that comes from inside the earth is free of any of those additives but as soon as it reaches a point where it’s exposed to human life and the way in which we treat our crops, it becomes unorganic.  

    If you mean organic as in matter that once came from a live organism, then yes, soil is a mixture of mineral and organic components. 

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    Not necessarily, there are synthetic soil blends.  Synthetic soil blends which can be used as a supplement to organic soil or, more commonly, used on rooftop gardens because it weighs far less than actual soil.  Some of the inorganic materials present in synthetic soil include perlite, cinders, vermiculite, pumice, sand, and calcinated clay.  Most soils used in gardening are organic soils, but there is a small niche use for synthetic soils.

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