Is introducing a pest’s natural enemy to an area typically a good pest control strategy?



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    It can be and it may not be. For instance, on my folk’s plant nursery they buy certain insects to kill bad insects, like aphid eaters, which as the name implies, eat aphids who love to dine on my parent’s plants. In that instance its a good introduction. They’ve also tried using lady bugs, which eat bad insects, but also the good insects like aphid eaters, not so good.

    That’s a microcosm of what can happen. In Australia they introduced cane toads to stop a cane beetle problem. The toads had been introduced elsewhere to protect sugarcane with mixed results. But in Australia the toads chose to dine on all sorts of other things, didn’t stop the invasion and are reproducing rapidly moving inland from the northeastern coast. And eating all sorts of other wildlife, like snakes. birds and small mammals. Bad.

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