Is interbreeding a problem in the animal kingdom?



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    Interbreeding is seen as a problem when it comes to endangered species interbreeding with other species. The resulting offspring are often sterile and in all cases are not protected by the endangered species laws which protected their parent. The concern is that these species will breed themselves out of existence. Interbreeding occurs naturally and is not typically seen as a problem, except when species foreign to a region are introduced by humans.

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    Usually interbreeding produces sterile hybrid offspring. However, there are a few cases of sustainable hybrid animals and plants. One case is the hybrid offspring of the California Tiger Salamander and Barred Tiger Salamander in Salinas, California. They may be the first population of sustainable hybrids created by interbreeding involving an endangered species (the California Tiger Salamander) and among the first known sustainable populations of a hybrid animal.

    A study has found that the larvae of hybrids produced by interbreedng are more likely to survive than larvae of either parent species. Though researchers are not sure why, it appears the interbreeding in this case conferred genetic advantages to the hybrids.

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