Information about Thuja trees and how to plant them?

Thuja trees



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    You will want to plant your Thuja tree about 6 weeks before first frost.  Before the time is right to plant this tree, make sure to keep the roots moist.  When you are ready, dig a hole at least twice the size of the root bundle and spread the roots out, then pack dirt around the roots making sure not to leave any air pockets. 

    For more tips on watering, fertilizing and pruning see the information site on fast growing trees nursery

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    Thujas are evergreen trees growing from 10-60 feet tall. The leaves are scales ranging from 1-10 mm long. Thuja trees are used as food plants by the larvae of some bugs including the Autumnal Moth, The Engrailed, and Juniper Pug. The foliage is also regularly eaten by deer. They are widely grown as ornament trees, and extensively used for hedges. Homeowners will usually plant them as privacy trees between them and their neighbors. 

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