Is the entertainment industry bad for the environment?



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    Yes.  TVs, movie screens, stereos and the media played on them all require tremendous amounts of fossil fuels/electricity to create, produce, distribute and enjoy.  However, barring a mass conversion of the American populace to the Amish faith, it may be a more productive idea to try and “green” the entertainment industry than eliminate it all together. 

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    In some ways, the entertainment industry could help the environment through education and outreach.  The entertainment industry has a huge following, and so promoting environmental issues could have a huge impact.

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    I would be careful with this argument, though.  Just because something uses up energy doesn’t mean it is particularly bad for the environment, or worse than other actions.  The meat-processing industry is far worse than the entertainment industry.  Moreover, I would argue that entertainment provides us with the necessary leisure we need to avoid stress, escape our lives, and be pushed to think, feel, and act in ways we wouldn’t otherwise do.  Furthermore, entertainment can educate us in ways that are incredibly effective and powerful. It’s easy to attack entertainment, but there are far greater evils.

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